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Eyesite Eyecare Centres is committed to offering high quality eyecare services. However our services don't stop there, as we also offer other specialist treatments. Have a look at our range of services below and use the menu to see more information. Also make sure to have a look at our Eyewear section to see all the products we offer.
Eyecare at Home

Caring and personalised home visit service for those clients who are unable to access any of our Centres.

Eye Examination

Eye examinations to determine vision strength and the health of you eyes. Patients can choose from a private eye consulation or a free NHS sight test, depending on eligibility.

Eye Condition Information

Information on a range of eye conditions, including the common symptoms, treatments and advise on necessary steps to follow.

Contact Lens Services

Extensive information about our contact lens services, after care

Colorimetry and Visual Stress

Treatment of visual stress for dyslexia and specific learning difficulties, migraine and epilepsy.

Children’s Eyecare

Our child eye health services are more in-depth than a standard sight test. View our children’s eye health services information.