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Colorimetry and Visual Stress

Treatment of visual stress for dyslexia and specific learning difficulties, migraine and epilepsy

What is Visual Stress?

Visual Stress, is a light sensitive condition that contributes to visual perceptual problems, impairs reading and can also be the cause of headaches, feelings of nausea or tiredness when reading. This underlying photosensitive syndrome is also frequently involved in various neurological disorders that affect the visual cortex of the brain such as migraine, photosensitive epilepsy, autism, multiple sclerosis, head injury and stroke.

Visual stress is known to cause a range of signs and symptoms such as:

  • Skipping lines or words, and losing place easily when reading
  • Difficulty tracking across the page; work is poorly laid out
  • Words appear to move around on the page
  • The page appears very bright
  • Discomfort when reading from computer screens
  • Difficulty copying text from the board


Treament: Intuitive Colorimetry

Scientific research has proven that visual stress can be reduced by prescribing precise coloured filters when reading or using a computer.

Eyesite Eyecare Centres have a range of assessments, designed to accurately identify the type of coloured filter that is required on an individual basis. This includes the use of an Intuitive Colorimeter, allowing for the optimum coloured lens to be identified and then made up into spectacles.

Commenting on the service, Optometrist and Fellow of the International Institute of Colorimetry, Ian Beasley from Eyesite Eyecare Centres says: ‘Visual stress can be a major part of the problem in people with reading difficulties, including Dyslexia. This can cause eyestrain, headaches and result in academic under-achievement. Once visual stress has been identified and treated, remaining difficulties become easier to deal with.’

NEW ReadEZ Products

At an intuitive colorimetry assessment, patients are eligible to select from our new range of ReadEZ products. These products can be specifically tailored to those with visual stress (also known as Meares-Irlen syndrome). These include:

  • Coloured Overlays
  • Coloured Reading Guides
  • Coloured Clip-ons
  • Coloured glasses
  • Virtual Overlay software to tint you PC screen

If ReadEZ products are of interest to you, feel free to enquire at one of our branches. We are happy to demonstrate and provide the solution that suits you best.