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Contact Lens Services

Contact lenses are rapidly becoming a popular form of vision correction. With the patients who use them finding particular benefits which help them live their lives more comfortably. Eyesite Eyecare Centres offer a wide range of contact lenses to suit; coupled with care products and solutions. Below is some more information on what we can do for you:

Will Contact Lenses Benefit You?

Contact Lenses are now available to almost all lifestyles, eye shapes and prescriptions. Whether you want them for occasional sport and social wear, full time wear, or specialist lenses such as cosmetic or eye disease – Eyesite Eyecare Centres have a solution for you.

Contact Lenses are now more comfortable, easy to use and economical than ever before. Modern materials, manufacturing processes and care regimes have made life simpler for you.

What Can Eyesite do for you?

Eyesite Eyecare Professionals are members of the British Contact Lens Association, registered with the General Optical Council and subscribe to the Association of Contact Lens Manufacturers to ensure we are always supplying you up to date products for the well being of your eyes.

So what next?

Many potential contact lens wearers have apprehensions about contact lenses so we offer you a FREE In Eye Comfort Trial to demonstrate. You will be seen by one of our qualified optometrists who will discuss your requirements and answer any question you may have. So book your FREE In Eye Comfort Trial today.

An up to date (up to a year old) Eye Examination result will be required prior to a FREE In Eye Comfort Trial.

Which Contact Lens is Best for me?

Eyesite Eyecare Centre Optometrists will discuss the best lens for you depending on your requirements. Being independent opticians means we can choose products from any supplier. Our aim is to choose the best for you.

We supply pre-made contact lenses as well as bespoke lenses for unusual eye shapes, colours and cosmetic requirements.

Lens types

  • Daily Disposable Lenses
  • Planned Replacement Lenses
  • Rigid Contact Lenses (Gas Permeable)
  • Nocturnal Lens (see nocturnal lens information page)
  • Specialist Lenses – by Gill Fraser BSc(Hons) MCOptom DipCLP and Suresh Munyal BSc(Hons) MSc MCOptom

In addition to the above we continue with our specialist work. Specialist work includes Contact Lenses for Keratoconus (soft and rigid), prosthetic contact lenses, post surgical contact lenses, and bandage contact lenses.

Caring for your Lens

  • At Eyesite Eyecare Centres we want to look after your eyes and be kind to your pocket.
  • Initial FREE In Eye Comfort Trial
  • Eye Examination (if you have not had one for 1 year) is free or £25.00 for all pre-made Contact Lenses
  • Contact Lens Fitting fee with one month free trial lenses (10 pairs for daily disposable). This includes an initial appointment, teaching handling and care techniques, and the contact lenses.
  • Plus, if you order online you can benefit from free shipping or collecting your lenses from your nearest Eyesite Eyecare Centre!

Please note that these are also suitability trials and modifications of pre-made lenses are also free of further charge.


After you have started wearing your contact lenses we want to continue to look after your vision, eye health and contact lens specification and condition. This can be done by paying for appointments at £25 per appointment OR by joining our Contact Lens Care Scheme or Evolution Plan.

Contact Lens Care Scheme – £4.95 per month. This plan is designed for Contact Lens wearers in mind. It covers a minimum of two Contact Lens Aftercare Appointments per year, Contact Lens Care Solutions at 15% off RRP and 10% off all your spectacle purchases.